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About Us

Flip Bargains was founded on strong morals and a sense of pride in our hometown, helping distressed homeowners and real estate investors simplify the buying and selling process while strengthening our community, side by side.

Over 20 Years of Experience Helping Investors

Our success has been possible due to our personal experience in real estate investing which led us to wholesale properties where we noticed a gap in the market. Owners of unwanted houses were still subject to contracts and drawn out negotiations even when going off-market. This frustration was also felt on the other side by investors, prompting us to cut out the middleman with Flip Bargains. Now sellers can receive fast and competitive quotes directly from us to get their homes sold ASAP with the utmost discretion and privacy. What normally takes months or even years can be done in just a few days with Flip Bargains.

The value this creates for homeowners leads to lower asking prices, increasing profit margins for the property’s future investor. Our own profit margins on each property are as slim as possible to continue operations and properly reward our hard-working team for finding the opportunities that fuel so many investor careers right here in Phoenix, AZ. Many of our investors have been clients for over a decade, creating stunning homes out of rundown houses before getting top dollar for them on the market post-renovation.

Our Commitment to Each Client, Old and New

There’s a reason why so many new investors stick with Flip Bargains after their first purchase. Cutting costs and streamlining the process puts more money in your pockets and more time back on your calendar compared to contract-based off-market purchases. We believe there’s no resource more valuable than your time, which makes being able to purchase, fix and flip with no waiting periods key to your long-term success. By working directly with investors and their strategies, we’re investing our time in a cause we believe in. The more successful our network of investors is, the more successful we are as a business and a team.

New real estate investors in the Phoenix area can leverage our team’s extensive knowledge of the local submarkets to help decide on their first property. We can work around any budget or property preferences such as specific neighborhoods, school districts, demographics or distance from amenities. Each of these factors can impact the final asking price for the flip as well as the initial investment. We encourage any of our investors to reach out with questions about current inventory details, potential upcoming deals or to learn more about the process.

We’re able to put so much focus on the success of our clients thanks to our ability to consistently find and procure premium investment properties. By being fair and fully transparent with homeowners, we can close deals and add new inventory faster than ever before. Such rapid refreshes of properties is just one way our investors use Flip Bargains to stay ahead of the competition and make a great living through off-market real estate.