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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in buying one of our off-market properties? Take a moment to read through our FAQ to get to know our company and process!

What Is Off-Market Real Estate?

Off-market real estate is the alternative to the traditional listing platform known as the MLS. Sellers can discreetly sell their homes directly to companies like Flip Bargains at discounted prices to avoid a lengthy sale process. These savings are passed on to our investor network where the property is flipped for profit or added to a rental property portfolio.

How Are the Prices So Low?

A majority of our off-market inventory consists of houses that need work done in order to achieve their maximum asking price for the neighborhood. These distressed homes are often owned by individuals who are looking to sell quickly and without lengthy inspection periods. By researching the property and using our local experience, we can offer these homeowners a competitive price with plenty of room for us to take our share and still provide our investors with premium opportunities.

What Makes Flip Bargains Different?

It’s simple, we cut out the middleman that most wholesale companies still use! We aren’t in the business of assigning contracts to investors to facilitate their purchase. We’re here to buy each property ourselves before adding it to our inventory to minimize the amount of time it takes for you to go from reaching out to getting the keys to your new investment.

What Kind of Financing Is Available?

Typically, off-market properties are purchased outright with cash from investors. For beginners, we recommend a private or hard money loan to expedite the process of securing funding. That being said, we do work with investors who are leveraging traditional bank loans so long as they’re ready to close quickly. If you aren’t sure what kind of financing you have or what options are available, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions!

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

With Flip Bargains, there are no hidden fees as the only fee we charge is a small acquisition fee when you buy from us. This fee is to help us continue pouring resources into finding you the best investment properties in Arizona. Our fee is taken into account when we price each listing to ensure we’re still offering you the discounted price you’re here for.

How Do I Get Started?

Making an offer on one of our properties is as easy as reaching out to us online or over the phone. Even with new listings being constantly added, the best deals go quickly so it’s advised to reach out by phone as soon as you see a listing you’re interested in. We also suggest signing up for our VIP mailing list to be the first to know about new additions to our inventory.

For any other questions or to get started on your next off-market real estate investment, reach out to the Flip Bargains team today!