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Maximize Profits on Your Next House Flip

Flip Bargains has been the premier off-market real estate company in the greater Phoenix metro for over 24 years. Maintaining a network of experienced and new investors alike has allowed us to continue helping distressed homeowners with discreet off-market purchases of their property.

Passing The Savings Along To Our Investors

By cutting out the middleman and owning our inventory outright, we’re able to offer homeowners fair prices while passing the savings along to our investors. The turnaround time on our inventory is short, which is why we’ve created the Flip Bargains VIP list so that our investors may receive instant updates when new property hits our inventory! Being the first to know about the best fix and flip opportunities in Phoenix lets you pick and choose the ideal investment property for your real estate and financial goals.

Our Focus Is Quality Inventory for Our Investors

No matter how the primary housing market is performing, off-market listings will always be more affordable in comparison. Being a consistent source of flipping opportunities, Flip Bargain has its pulse on the most investor-friendly neighborhoods in and around Phoenix, AZ.

Being locally owned and operated gives us another advantage of knowing where to find the exact property you’re looking for if we don’t currently own it. We take full ownership of our inventory to put our money where our mouth is and give our investors the best equity spreads and profit opportunities in the state. Purchasing from Flip Bargains means investing in your real estate future, with chances to meet other successful investors and expand your network with new business ideas and ventures.

We Understand the Meaning of Opportunity Cost

We’re not here to waste anyone’s time. For over two decades, our investors have had access to start or bolster their rental property portfolio or house flipping career with no middleman. Our strategy cuts costs at every step to give you the best deals possible for any budget. Each opportunity in our inventory comes with local market insights to better help you understand the future market value, approximate investment needed, and possible timeframe for completion to help you plan out your next project.

The Flip Bargains network of investors is seeing new, talented individuals joining every day in order to take advantage of the booming off-market real estate industry. As properties become more distressed and owners become more willing to sell, access to our inventory means a successful investment is at your fingertips any time of year. And the better deals we offer, the faster we can get new properties added for you to consider as you finish up a flip.

Take Advantage of Traditional Market Changes

Purchasing a home through the MLS is meant for those looking to buy and move in rather than flipping or turning the property into a rental. As the market shifts and consumer needs change, many off-market real estate investors miss the opportunity to alter their strategy. When families start renting over buying, multi-family homes may be a better investment to create multiple income streams from one property. New businesses or offices may see young professionals move to the area, increasing demand for smaller houses and rental units alike.

Flip Bargains works closely with our investors to land them the ideal house, townhome, duplex, or any other type of property near Phoenix. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in our inventory or we’ll find it for you! Our goal is to help investors achieve record profits while renovating and upgrading our home town. When we work together, both sellers and our investors can receive the best deals in the industry with no hassle and no middle man.